3D AFM Surface View Software for Microscopy Data
3D Surface View is an OpenGL based application.
"OpenGL is a cross-platform standard for 3D rendering and 3D hardware acceleration", "Today's applications manipulate massive amounts of data in real-time by using OpenGL hardware accelerated geometry, real-time lighting, clipping, transformations and rendering"   cited from OpenGL. From the user perspective, OpenGL is the Low level graphical library from Silicon Graphics, Inc. included to Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/W7.
In order to get maximum speed from your video card you should download latest version of drivers from manufacturer. You can also check official OpenGL site on available optimized drivers.

NOTE  Some of the old video drivers will not render openGL correctly. If you experience problems contact   for support.

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Advanced visualization
3D AFM Surface View provides you with most realistic interpretation of light, material, color, reflection, etc., which gives the surface a real look. Among the other advantages of the 3D visualization important is the possibility to analyze the fine structure details of the surface in real time. 

-OpenGL based, fast real-time render
-Optimized compression algorithm for large data sets
-Animation (up to 30 fps, real time render)
-Mouse drag controlled rotation
-1D cut plot (intersections) read out
-Interactive mouse operating measurement tools:
   XYZ distance tool
   Area tool (semitransparent open box)
   Volume tool (semitransparent box with anchor points)
-Measurement Report Tool (sub-window) 
-Range of interest (ROI) selection tool
-Multiple 3D markers (pins)
-Mouse position XYZ read out with events
-Predefined and user defined palettes
-Palette construction interactive dialogue
-Light control, position and intensity adjustable
-All sizes zoom
-Automatic XYZ ranging 
-Z Flip tool
-Elevation Z Low-High cut-off filter
-Smooth surface filter
-Interpolate bilinear filter 
-Multiple 3D labels: selectable color, position, orientation 
-Contour plots
-VB .NET and C# source examples, semi ready application (SDK)
-Custom input file formats support
-True 3D XYZ axis, user format or auto formatted
-Scalable captions, labels, grids
-Random Point (XYZ) support
-Fast Delaunay triangulator, structured grid generator
-Fly-by (upon request) 
-AVI animation file save tool with dialogue
-Flexible output JPG, BMP, AVI, OLE picture, user files
-Available as ActiveX (OCX) control or ActiveX (EXE) server

-VC++, .NET, VB6, VB.NET compatible calls with proper SDK
NET C# SDK available
-OS:  Win NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Note: Some of the features of the 3D engine might not be implemented in concrete application. Please contact us for more features in custom interface.

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User friendly interface GUI is described in following sections of this HELP

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