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  Gallery of 3D images

The formation of a connection between carbon nanotubes in an electron beam.
Data courtesy Prof. Dr. Florian Banhart, Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Mainz, Germany
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Nanoparticles Analysis AFM height image courtesy Dr. Kannan Raghuraman,
University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

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2D electrons under Quantum Hall effect. 2.5x2.5 microns topographic map of random potential by SPM microscopy (Scanning capacitive mode). SPM image courtesy Prof. Gleb Finkelstein. Duke University Physics Department.



Metallic nano-triangles. AFM data courtesy Dr. Heiko Rochholz, Material Science Group, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany.



ZnO Luminescent grains. SEM Image courtesy Prof. Shinobu FUJIHARA, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan.



DVD/CD :  3D data visualization from AFM measured image. 3D measurement tools for atomic force microscopy: interactive measuring planes, volumes, markers. AFM height data visualization.

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  SPM 3D data visualization, tip test: 3D measurement tools. SPM data image courtesy SPIP.


  Semiconductor 3D data set. Integrated circuit: contour, 3D measurement tools. AFM height image.


  HD MFM magnetic 3D visualization image of the PC hard drive surface.


  Polymer 3D data set, AFM image


  Microspheres on mica. 3d visualization of AFM data set

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  Blood cells, volume measurement tool, 3D axis


  Blood cells, AFM height image, 3D labels, 3D axis



Steel gauge block surface
Data is measured with AFM microscope, height mode. The Area marking box, the distance measuring tool, and the Markers (pins), are shown in the 3D image.
Metal surface analysis research.

  Si surface with dislocation
STM silicone crystal sample data converted into 3D image. The Volume measuring tool, depth and height read out are shown in image.

3D AFM/SPM ActiveX>

  EarthWork Estimation    
Virtual EarthWork estimation with measure, mark cut and fill tools in 3D space.
Volume removed and filled are measured, surface before and after cut-fill are shown in the same screen, semitransparency used for multiple surfaces. AutoCAD files are supported via DXF file support. Multiple layer graphics support vector 3D dot , 3D line, 3D marker, 3D label, etc. Accurate measurements of 3D models with interactive tools. Real time graphics.
3D EarthWork with interactive tools>
  LIDAR data 3D Visualization with multiple layer support    

Archeology research: LIDAR data visualization
Discoveries in Archeology: Lidar data of part of the Yorkshire Worlds with Neolithic an Bronze Age Barrows identified using side lighting and marked with red topped pins. Research results and image are provided by Dominic Powlesland, The Landscape Research Centre, Yorkshire, England.

Archeology 3D Lidar package>


Archeology research: LIDAR data with vector layer
Discoveries in Archeology: Lidar data with flood model overlain showing the relationship with Prehistoric and Roman settlement pattern overlain in blue vectors. Image is courtesy of Dominic Powlesland, The Landscape Research Centre, Yorkshire, England.


  Advanced GIS Visualization system 
DEM Height surface, Vector and Scalar Visualization of GIS data, 3D interactive tools. Fast LIDAR data processor. Line, polygon, CAD layer, DXF AutoCAD files support, Map overlay. Satellite image overlay. Business information plot overlay. Image courtesy of our partner LiSALab srl, Italy. Contact Dr. Davide Leva
Multiple Layer Software>
  Forensic 2D Image and Hyperspectrum 4D Data Processing    
  Forensic hyperspectral image processing 
Different ink detection for questioned document examiners. Measuring tools. Multiple image support. Obliterated writing is unambiguously detected.

Forensic Software>

  Forensic image enhancement 
Different Pen pressure and ink detection. Measuring tools. Ink to ink obliteration detection.
  Forensic image 3D comparator 
Scanner data or Hyperspectrum 4D data analyzer in 3D operation mode.
High resolution (up to 64 bits) per pixel data processor. Live 3D support.
Obliterated writings unambiguous detection.
  Business Graphics, Stock Analyzer and 3D Visualization    
  Stock market analyzing software 
Up to several thousands stocks in 3D live screen. High level of interaction with mouse touch and get report kind of tools. Customizable Height, Low, Open, Close, Moving Average, statistics reports in standard representation. Virtual reality class graphics for fast maximum accurate perception. Up to 100 portfolios simultaneous as 3D plots. Data drilldown with mouse interaction.

Business Visualization Software>

  FFT Spectrum Analyzer in 3D    

Time Resolved spectrum measuring applications 
Example: Electroencephalography (EEG) can significantly benefit from the 3D real time data representation. The 3D time and frequency vs. spectral signal unit, developed by ScienceGL, is useful for Neurodiagnostics, Neurology, Neuromonitoring, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, etc. Our graphics offers the time resolved EEG spectrum plot right in your desktop with orthogonal Time and Frequency cuts, signal measuring tools, 3D markers and much more. The new package offers maximum data perception within virtual reality scientific grade graphical interface, that is combined with exact data read back reports.


4D, 3D voxel to multilayer 3D surface Visualization 
MRI image stack of head with slicer dicer. AVI file (23.7 MB) 
Note: you will need fast HiQ Codec DivX. You can download it here (Free)
::Free DivX 5 CODEC download:: 


4D, 3D voxel to multilayer 3D surface Visualization 
MRI image stack of head with clip-plane tool. AVI file (6.8 MB) 
Note: you will need fast HiQ Codec DivX. You can download it here (Free) ::download free divX package 5 CODEC ::


4D voxel to multilayer 3D surface Visualization 
MRI image stack of head with clip-plane tool. AVI file (8.1 MB) 
Note: you will need fast HiQ Codec DivX. You can download it here (Free)
You might need
::divX CODEC package free download:: 


3D Stock Financial market software 
Sample DivX based AVI movie.
Financial stock market performance in the summer/Fall 2007, 5 minute trading interval for S&P500 small to large cap.
Visualized with Scientific software developed by ScienceGL, Inc. in collaboration with the MIT's Laboratory for Financial Engineering (http://lfe.mit.edu)
You might need
::free divX5 CODEC 


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