Data Table Tool for Laser Beam Analysis

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The Data Table Tool is organized as Multiple Document Interface (MDI). It supports basic spreadsheet features and provides access to internal Z value data of the 3D Beam View.

Form is auto-resized and and positioned. Last applied size and position is saved for the next use.
-View and edit data set 
-Clipboard copy/paste data subsets -Redraw data or subset 
-multiple tables support 
-import/save data table as CSV
-data exchange spreadsheet application (Excel, Lotus, etc.)
-automatically resized and positioned
From left to right as follows:
-get data from current 3D plot
-draw current data table into 3D plot
-save current data table as CSV file

-Open (add) new spreadsheet style table within multiple Data Table form
-Get matrix of data from 3D plot  or  CSV file
-Save matrix as CSV file
-Draw data into 3D form

-List of tables open with current marked
Editing of the table data is the same as for most of the spreadsheet applications. It involves marking the range of data and clicking either menu or sub-menus (by right mouse)
-copy marked data to clipboard
-delete marked data
-copy marked data changing X to Y and vise versa
-format table to fit data
-increase table font
-decrease table font

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