CCD IMAGER (SENSOR) RECOMMENDED for ScienceGL laser profiler

We recommend to use this software together with CCD/CMOS imagers from ScienceGL and partners.
For these imagers the software provides truly live High-Resolution images in full integrated 2D/3D environment.

Basic Specs
- CCD or CMOS based digital imager with practically no blooming
- 1 or more Mega pixels per frame
- Digital 20 MHz interface
- 12 or more bits per pixel digitizer
- User adjustable Gain/Integration Time
- ROI selection
- Live mode

List of natively supported UV-VIS-IR CCD cameras>

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We support all major CCD and CMOS cameras compliant with WDM (Windows Device Manager Driver) that works under DirectShow environment.
The cameras of USB 2.0 and FireWire interface are supported.


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