Quick Start Up with Laser Beam View 3D Software

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The program starts with main processing form that has 3D and 2D windows.
This form can be used to load beam image files in BMP format. The BMP file support added for compatibility with other software packages. We use our internal file format for saving Hi-Res 12 bit images. The image processing and visualization is controlled from this main form window.

Use <GRAB> button to initiate the camera and image acqusition form.

Start Live operation either from menu. or by pressing <live on> button.
Stop live when you are are satisfied with image.
Use button    shot> 3D  to pass image for processing.

Use    3D>2D  button to toggle  2D and 3D window

Use   param on/off  to init parameter calculation
Press   StatTable  to bring Parameter Table form

Use  Menu> View> "2D cut view"  to bring 2D profiles, orthogonal cuts.
Move semi-transparent cut planes: "slicers" to change cut position in 3D window, or move target cross in 2D window.


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