Button Operation in Laser Beam 3D Software

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Main group

from left to right

  • get file (CSV file)
  • save 3D picture to disk
  • print All (see menu for description)
  • brings Options form for palette changing and some other options
  • Copy Shot 3D picture to clipboard
  • 3D zoom in
  • 3D zoom out
  • more light (increase illumination of 3D scene)
  • less light (decrease illumination of 3D scene)
  • reflection toggle button On/Off (specular reflection gives surface more “metallic” look)
  • sub button gives some more options same as in Options menu
    Animation control button-group
  • -Provides rotation of the surface in XY plane
    -Helps to see the features of the surface from different angles

    from left to right

  • rotate surface -90° (one step)
  • continuous rotate/animate clockwise direction
  • stop animation
  • animate counterclockwise direction
  • rotate +90° (one step)


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