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  Open  Get new file
In this version file must be BMP 8-bit, contact us for more input filters and updates
  Save 3D pic to File Save 3D picture as BMP or JPG depending to extension you provide in dialog box
  Save 2D pic to File Save 2D image as BMP or JPG file
  Save movie Save sequence of the files (animation)   PRO version
  Print All  Print context of 3D, 2D, Cut View as well as beam statistics
  Print 3D Print context of 3D window
  Exit  Quit the program
  Files 1...4 Recently open files

  3D to clipboard Copy 3D window context to clipboard (you can paste it in image processors later)
  2D to clipboard save 3D picture as BMP or JPG depending to extension you provide in dialog box
  Smooth 3D  Smooth 3D surface. Does not affect original 2D image, aimed for better visualization 
  Undo smooth 3D  Undo previous operation
  Filter 3D Brings the dialog that allows to select Cutoff low and high Z-values
see effect
  Undo Filter 3D Undo previous operation
  Reload 3D from 2D  Restore 3D surface from originally measured 2D image
  AutoContrast Optimize contrast of the image to fit the full-range
Affects both 2D and 3D 
  Undo AutoContrast Undo contrast operation
  Save to mem Saves the current image into memory buffer for further math operations
Disabled in Trial
  Add mem  Add current data to memory
Memory + Z data for each XY point of the mesh 
Disabled in Trial
  Subtract mem Subtract memory from current data
 Z data - memory for each XY point of the mesh
Disabled in Trial
3D View
  Fill Size 3D
  3D Slicers  slicers on/off
Table 3D data  brings Data Table  form
  X-axis (arrow)   
  Scrolls Toggle scrolls On/Off  within 3D window (useful to navigate on zoomed 3D surface)
  Colors colors On/Off on surface 
Affects 3D surface, to change coloring on 2D go to Palette option
  Contour toggle contour line on/off
  Reflection toggle specular reflection on/off
  Data compress  Recommended for high-resolution beam profile data 
Provides faster animation
Affects only 3D plot
  Fast render Toggle On/Off specially developed fast surface calculation algorithm
Recommended for 512x512 and higher size surfaces
Note Fast calculation is somewhat less accurate than in Normal render mode (Fast OFF)
Style  User selectable render style

see Style examples

  Palettes bring Options dialog (same as options button)
Zoom see Zoom examples
  Zoom +  general 3D zoom up (all sizes X,Y and X proportionally)
  Zoom general 3D zoom down (all sizes)
  Z zoom+  vertical zoom up (zoom Z size up)
  Z zoom - vertical zoom down (zoom Z size down)


within 2D image
-Calculate Centroid position. Also points the target cross to centroid and shows pixel values on 2D image (left top corner)
-Make least square Gauss fit
-Make least square ellipse fit
-Use UserBucket Mode
-Show Statistics Table
within 3D window


Rendering style   return to menus>
  Polygon fill 
  Wire fill
  Dots fill

Zoom            return to menus>
 Z-Zoom - 
 Z-zoom +
 Zoom -
 Zoom +

Data Table    return to menus>
Built-in Multiple Data Tables Interface -View and edit data set 
-Clipboard copy/paste data subsets -Redraw data or subset 
-multiple tables support 
-import/save data table as CSV
-data exchange spreadsheet application (Excel, Lotus, etc.)
more on Data Table...>

User Bucket Mode

User bucket is designed to let the user select some area of the beam. The User Bucket mode is initiated by User Bucket button within 2D submenus. The user bucket (ellipse) can be adjusted to desired position and shape. While in this mode the power content of the User Bucket is being automatically calculated.

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