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The program exposes an intuitive user interface designed for easy use. Here you can find description of the interface mouse functions. Most of the tools has tool tips as well.

Objects within 3D Window

Fig.1 3D Window screen shot
Background, (1) in Fig.1
anywhere out of 3D objects
Left Mouse Drag  rotate the surface
Surface,  (2) in Fig.1
any surface point within 3D window
Left Mouse Drag      rotate the surface
Right Mouse Click     initiates submenu
colors  toggle On/Off between single color and multi-color surface
data table shows data matrix within DataTable form
Z zoom +  zoom up Z direction
Z zoom -  zoom down Z direction 
 Z flip flip 3D plot in Z direction
Orientation Arrow,
(3) in Fig.1
Right Mouse Click     submenu
    Hide Arrow 
X-Slicer,  (4) in Fig.1
within semi-transparent cutting plane 

Left Mouse Down    select X-Slicer
Right Mouse Click    submenu
hide slicers turn slicers OFF (invisible)
show cut show  2D Cut View form
 Z flip flip 3D plot in Z direction 

Left Mouse Drag  move the slicer 

 Y-Slicer,  (5) in Fig.1 same interface as for X-Slicer above
Light position Tool

Designed to give user easy access to the lighting subsystem. Controls position of the main light relative to the surface. Visual effect of the light is just the same as in real life. It changes reflection and shadows.  Useful to visualize hidden surface features by shadowing.
Left Mouse Drag within the tool (not necessarily within the red marker)
This operation changes the light position. Red marker shows relative position of the light. 
Palette and Contour Tool
Palette is shown within this tool as colors of Look Up Table (LUT)
Contour is shown as white shadowed lines of Z elevation. Numbers give corresponding Z-value (height)

Left Mouse Click  - increase number of contour lines

Right Mouse Click - decrease number of contour lines

User Bucket Tool
The User Bucket Mode is initiated by pressing User Bucket within submenu. It shows 2 square white markers.

Drag markers to adjust the bucket size. Power within the bucket is calculated.

3D picture Size panel 
Located within status bar on the bottom of the program main form. Shows size of 3D plot in pixels.
Right Mouse Click     submenu 
change the size of the 3D picture window. Useful when output file of definite size is required.


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