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Save Shot
  Save current shot into internal 12- 14- 16- 32-bits format file
Read Shot
  Read shot 12...14 or 16 - bits, in principle bit rate is not limited
Save as bmp
  Save as 256 gray scale Windows bitmap or High bit TIFF format..
Make Model
  Make some model beam (use this to learn program features)
Recent files
12/14 bits
  make 12/14/16/32-bits full CCD camera shot
8 bits
  make 8-bit full CCD camera shot FAST (disabled in some versions)
init CCD
  initialize camera for operation (extra feature, not required, automatic initialization occur if not pressed)
Shot to 3D
 pass image to main processing form
info Header
 read info in header file (conditions of shot)
Add comment
 add comment to info header of the shot
Live Run
 Start live camera operation. See note on live Range of intertest (ROI)*
Live Stop
 Stop live camera operation
3D live
 Start live mode with 3D live visualization mode
CCD parameters
 Adjust camera parameters with correspondent form :more>
Auto Set
Calibr CMOS
 Calibrate Sensor on power. Note:: Laser of known output power required :more>
Full ROI
 Set whole Frame image read out
Mark ROI
 Set some area to be read from camera in live mode and passed to processing. 
Save ROI
 Save position and size of the ROI for future use

*NOTE:   ROI mode.
Use mark ROI to set program into ROI operation. In this mode Live screen and 3D live will operate for selected ROI area. Full shot will be still made for the whole image. Pressing shot to 3D "shot> 3D" button will pass ROI to main form for 3D/2D processing and visualization.
Use the ROI mode to work with small beam spots. This will considerably save PC resources and speed up the operation.

Camera Form Buttons  

Buttons on left side

  • "shot"   - make 12 or 14 bits full shot (depending on hardware)
  • "shot> 3D"  - pass shot to main form for 3D/2D processing, In ROI mode pass ROI
  • "live on"   - toggle live on off
  • "colors"   - enabled in live mode, used to make palette colored image live for adjustments
  • "close"    - close camera, release buffers, close camera driver.



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