DEMO version works with BMP 8-bit images. Surface is constructed as a regular mesh in XY plane, so that only Z-values are needed to be entered. The mesh must have at least 8x8 surface points to be rendered into 3D scene. Upper size limit depends on memory and processing speed of your PC.

The input is also possible by copy and paste operations from any spread-sheet application. See DataTable description for more details.

The full featured version supports automation by ActiveX technology, which enables user to pass data to 3D Beam View from any ActiveX enabled environment: C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Internet Explorer, Excel spread-sheet, VB script etc. The full featured version also supports various formats (including custom format filters)

Full version is available together with 10-bit digital camera (1280x1024 pixels).

The program saves 3D rendered images as BMP or JPG files. Full version also makes Movie  (saves a sequence of images, or AVI files).

Full featured version supports various image file formats contact us for more information.

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