AFM hybrid images of the cell. Fluorescence, height and deflection modes in 3D representation.

Interactive 3D visualization tools for multiple surfaces measured with AFM. 

ScienceGL Inc. has developed 3D AFM data visualization engine that provides researcher with multiple surface visualization capability. AFM hybrid data can be represented in one 3D screen for detailed comparison. Interactive measurement tools are available for exact measurements of the features over all layers.
Multiple 3D surface analysis software.

The AFM measured height and fluorescence data is visualized with multiple surface software.
The height of the features is exaggerated for better perception of the fine structures.

Fig.1. 3D AFM height image of the cell (lower surface) and florescence plot (upper surface).

Fig.2. 3D AFM height image of the cell (yellow shadowed and contoured) and fluorescence data overlaid (Green with semitransparency).

Fig.3. 3D AFM height surface of the cell visualized together with deflection data overlay (yellow-brown texture) and Fluorescence data (green semitransparent 3D surface layer)

Fig.4. 3D surface constructed from AFM height data of the cell and visualized together with Fluorescence data (green texture layer) Volume measuring tool is also shown.

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