Nanoparticles Analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy using 3D Visualization Tools.

Interactive 3D visualization tools for nanoparticles amalgamation analysis. 

ScienceGL Inc. has developed 3D AFM data visualization engine that provides researcher the set of interactive 3D measurement tools. These tools helps scientist to measure various important characteristics of the sample in real time. The 3D visualization software is also fast enough to work with live video AFM microscopes. For detailed comparison of the data obtained with AFM for different data acquisition modes we also offer Multiple 3D surface analysis software.

The AFM measured height data is visualized with single surface  3D AFM/SPM software .
The height of the features is exaggerated for better perception of the fine structures.

Fig.1. 3D AFM height image of nanoparticles sample. Raw atomic force microscope data is visualized as 3D surface.
AFM data courtesy   Dr. Kannan Raghuraman,   University of Missouri-Columbia.

Fig.2. 3D AFM height image of nanoparticles. Same data as in Fig.1. but FFT filtered to remove systematic noise.

Fig.3. 3D AFM surface visualized together with volume measuring tool. The tool is adjusted with mouse to features of interest that is nanoparticle group.

Fig.4. AFM height image of nanoparticles sample. 3D surface zoomed to amalgamated nanoparticle pairs. 3D measurement tools read back distance between particles and 1D intersection profile (cut plot).

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