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       Archeology3D: Advanced Scientific Visualization in Archeology Research


Archaeologists collect vast amounts of data that require the exploration and understanding of complex spatial relationships among the artifacts, surrounding architectural ruins, real elevation 3D maps, collected by means of LIDAR technology. ScienceGL introduces the new product Archeology3D that allows you to bring all of the archeological data together in concise 3D representations. With this software you can process vast mega-point LIDAR data set, add any kind of 3D vector, 3D dot, 3D line layers, use interactive 3D marker objects, draw all data of interest into compiled and optimized 3D screen, use virtual reality type of graphics to animate, zoom, walk through, drilldown of the data. For advanced users we offer stereo screen support, advanced stereo markers, custom features and much more
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  3D visualization of multiple LIDAR data sets leads the scientists to the new level of archeology data analysis. Discoveries in the Archeology science: Lidar data of part of the Yorkshire Worlds with Neolithic an Bronze Age Barrows identified using side lighting and marked with red topped pins. Research results and image are provided by Dominic Powlesland, The Landscape Research Centre, Yorkshire, England. LIDAR data visualization.
Research in Archeology field: Lidar data with flood model overlain showing the relationship with Prehistoric and Roman settlement pattern overlain in blue vectors. Image is courtesy of Dominic Powlesland, The Landscape Research Centre, Yorkshire, England.





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