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  Digital Video Solutions in 2D and 3D  

Advanced 3D graphics for digital imaging

ScienceGL offers economic 2D to 3D image solutions for microscopy and other industrial applications. Our software allows you to acquire digital image process it into 3D surface, analyze data in most natural interactive 3D screen.
The software consist of 2D image acquisition module and optional 3D visualization module. Both are available as solution and as easy to program video 2 and 3 dimensional components.

High Performance CCD camera based systems

This high performance digital 1.4 Mega pixels 12 bit camera system features state of the art in CCD and electronics technology. The system consists of an ultra compact camera head, which either connects to a standard PCI or a compact PCI board via a high speed serial data link. The available exposure times range from 10 µs to 10 s. A digital temperature compensation is integrated instead of a space consuming thermo-electrical cooling unit. All camera functions can be remotely accessed and controlled via digital interface. This compact digital CCD camera system is perfectly suited for many scientific and industrial imaging applications, like microscopy, spectroscopy and quality control. The cameras are manufactured by our OEM partners:
PCO AG  /  The Cooke Corporation.

Specifications (pdf):
Standard PixelFy> model
High Quantum Efficiency PixelFly High QE, USB>   model

Innfrared Solutions

IR cameraras near, mid and long spectral range infrared cameras (NIR, MWIR, LWIR) form Xenics.
GaAs 14 bits, for example, PDF>

Economic CMOS camera based systems

High performance smart 1.2 Mega pixels digital CMOS cameras. Economic solution that features fast USB 2.0 interface, compact design, 12 bit resolution. Manufactured by our OEM partner  Vector International.

Specifications and manuals (pdf):
bci4 model specs>
bci4 model manual>
bci4 model trigger manual>

Other digital cameras are available upon request. 

3D Surface
Laser Beam Analyzer
True 3D Thermal Map
for IR camera based thermograph.

 Applications by field
Low light level imaging 
High resolution microscopy
achine vision and industrial applications 
Bioluminescence / chemoluminescence 
Luminescence spectroscopy 
Imaging spectroscopy
Imaging of bio markers (e.g. GFP)
Industrial live process control, quality control
Confocal microscopy processor
Laser beam analysis


Visualization is the Art of Science
PixelFly high performance digital 12 bit CCD
Digital 12 bit CMOS USB
Xenics digital IR 14 bit CCD USB
Quick 2D to 3D solutions
New insight and more ideas for scientists
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