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   True 3D interpretation of thermal images: new dimension in digital thermography


The thermal map of an object is a 3D surface by definition. While most of the software packages will ignore this fact, the reality is that 2D colored or gray image does not reproduce 3rd and the most important temperature related dimension (Z or temperature to height proportional dimension). ScienceGL offers true 3D thermal mapping (imaging) software for precise visualization, measurement and comparison of the thermal maps. Our infrared (IR) image processing software lets you analyze the thermal maps with subpixel highest possible resolution and natural height of the temperature feature perception. Multiple thermal infrared (IR) images can be easily measured and compared in the virtual reality interactive 3D screen. Get infrared camera output into 3D thermal map with interactive markers, intersection plot, contour map, heat flow estimation (volume) report, real time image processor and much more. The software from ScienceGL represents a new generation in infrared thermal real time imaging.

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  Side by side 3D thermal images comparison mode with access to detailed quantitative temperature profiles. The small difference in temperature of two integrated circuits is measured and presented as intersection. Subpixel measurement is applied. Thermal microscopy of the semiconductor integrated circuit (IC). Two different circuits are compared using 3D maps and intersection plot. The temperature of the individual components are easily compared in both 3D height map and 2D intersection plot. 3D thermorgraphy of the car parts. Car door insulation is analyzed as thermal map. Heat dissipation from different parts of the door are measured and compared with interactive pin markers. 3D volume tool returns heat flow values. Infrared (IR) camera image of the printed circuit board (PCB). The thermal image is processed, contoured and measured in 3D mapping mode. The volume cube can be adjusted with simple mouse operation to read back the volume, proportional to the heat flow.    









-Infrared (IR) imaging of the printed circuit boards (PCB)
-Thermal mapping of the Earth, GIS related
-Automotive: thermal heat transfer imaging of the car components
-Industrial: imaging of electrical connections
-Medical real time thermography of the body
-Thermal image processing in both in static and dynamic modes
-Thermal mapping of the computer and network components


  The software is available as turnkey visualization program or/and integration SDK for thermal imaging solution providers.

2D IR image to 3D thermal map basics
3D tools for IR thermal mapping

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