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    Generic Data to 3D components  

Easy powerful and affordable scientific graphics components.
ScienceGL provides provides advanced 3D computer graphics for science and technology as programmable components. The components bring all the power of our 3D engine right to your application with couple of code lines. The components are suitable for both basic and advanced level developer.

Produce 3D surfaces from 2D images for effective image enhancement. Create 3D images and animation from various 3D datasets such as GIS, 3D scanner, XYZ random point cloud, computer simulations, etc. Use interactive tools to measure surface features in 3D right with your mouse. Drilldown your data set with intersection cut drawing. Make contour plots. Drop 3D Axis to your plot. Mark point of interest, Region of interest (ROI). Draw annotations. And you can do much more...

With this component +SDK we provide in your language of choice you can make advanced 3D application with animation, rotation, flyby, in just a matter of minutes.


Single Surface3D
Multiple Surface3D PRO
Geo Surface3D
Multiple Layer Sample 3D images  
3D Gallery
AFM Imaging pdf

 Applications by field
Laser scanner
CCD image processing
Time of Flight (TOF) camera
GIS, geography mapping
Surface metrology, nanometrology, nanotechnology
3D image enhancement
Random data and point cloud visualization (TIN)
OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP
Environments: Visual Studio VS6, VS7, C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, ActiveX, .NET, LabView, Delphi

Visualization is the Art of Science
Easy 2D image to 3D Surface
Fast Delaunay Triangulation
Quick solutions, more productivity for developers
New vision and more ideas for scientists
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