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Multidimensional data visualization software for biological imaging

Modern biological science instruments provide to scientists vast possibilities in analysis of specimens. The typical data set obtained from confocal microscope or from MRI is a stack of 2D images taken at different depth of the specimen. The single set of data thus is a 4D array of samples often referred as voxels. Trained operator can recognize the 3D shape of feature of interest from 2D images, because our brain can actually act as interpolating / reconstructing processor. In this respect the experienced scientist does not actually need 4D to 3D reconstructing software. The situation changes drastically when exact quantitative analysis of the objects is needed, which is in fact typical case of biological research. The main problem is to measure distances and volumes of the complex objects rendered from measured data. Especially difficult when time resolved rendering required for specimen that changes in time, which corresponds to 5D data set.

Full size 3D surface image

Our company specializes in advanced computer graphics for science, technology and education. We provide real time 3D surface and 4D voxel visualization software In contrast with other visualization software our package was specifically designed to address the needs of scientific quantitative analysis of the measured data. We have developed an original and unique set of the interactive measurement tools for measuring of the intersections, distance, volume, area, etc. in 3D space. We also provide custom solutions for specific needs of concrete experimental data and measurement task. The software is available as turn-key applications and graphics components for software developers.

Applications includes traditional and laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM), fluorescence confocal microscopy (FCM), atomic force microscopy (AFM / SPM), magnetic resonance (MRI), etc.

Full size 4D volume image

OS: Microsoft Windows 2k/XP/Vista
Developer SDK API available for: VS7 C#, VB.NET
VS6 C++, VB


4D Volume Visualization
3D Surface Visualization
Advanced 3D Graphics

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