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  Forensic Image Visualization software. New 3D Comparator package.

ScienceGL offers Forensic Comparator Software for advanced 3D and 2D combined image comparison. The software is designed for forensic examiners and experts for detailed comparison of the questioned documents, shoe prints, bullet micro-scratches, etc. We believe that use of the scientific grade graphics in forensic science helps to resolve difficult cases, create better law enforcement and, at the end, leads community to a lower crime rate.

Compare signatures module. Use 2 signature images in the same 3D screen. Both images are enhanced with 3D colors and shadows. Images can be moved, rotated and scaled one relative to the another with mouse operation. Interactive 3D representation helps to compare signatures in intuitive way with maximum possible information displayed.

Examine Compare pen pressure module. This module is a valuable tool for forensic questioned document examiners. The pen different pressure and strike angle are known to produce different ink quantities on the paper. While invisible in 2D representation, those physically measurable quantities can be used to determine authenticity of the handwriting.

The ForensicXP 3D software lets you to compare up to 32 documents in the same screen as 3D or 2D surfaces. Use transparency, mask, 3D enhancement, clip ranges of interest in one easy to comprehend photorealistic and interactive display to compare various details of the multiple questioned documents.
Use our traditional 2D image comparison module to compare images in a simple and convenient manner. Use any of several modes: Side by side mode, double image blend together semitransparent layers mode, vertical or horizontal split mode, combined full and cropped range of interest (ROI) mode, color enhanced mode.              More info
Bullet micro-scratch comparator module in 3D enhanced mode. Analyze optical microscope images or 3D scanner data for different bullets. See coincidence of the scratches as 3D surfaces or/and as intersection plots. Enhance images with power of 3D colored and shadowed representation. Move, zoom and rotate images to find coincidence. Use 3D interactive tools to measure all critical data parameters.
Bullet shell analysis module, 3D "flat" mode. Bullet shell can be scanned with help of 3D scanning equipment to provide you with full scratch data of the whole shell surface. Enhanced 3D images of the data is essential to find correct coincidence and correctly identify the shells.
Bullet shell analysis module, 3D cylinder mode. Examine shell structure in a most natural "as it is measured" cylinder mode in 3D space. Micro-scratch features are enhanced with colors and shadows to produce better perception of the features of the interest.
Cartridge case examination module. 3D mode of the representation helps you to identify cartridge cases. Compare several cartridges in the same screen

Finger examination module. Difficult finger print cases can be identified with our new finger print comparison module.

Fingerprint 3D for AFIS>

Forensic Ballistics in 3D mode. From Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences (ADFS) report. The 3D bullet prints are slightly overlapped for best perception.

Full report, PDF, 28 MB>

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