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   Science, research, programming and 3D graphics resources on web
3D Graphics development  
3D portal, 3D software and hardware, applications, textures, models, recourses, 3D programming, etc. http://www.3dlinks.com
Guide to cutting edge 3D graphics technology http://www.3dcgi.com
The 3D Models Shop


Okino Computer Graphics http://www.okino.com
libpng.org free reference library for reading and writing PNGs by Greg Roelofs http://www.libpng.org/
Programming resources 
VB helper http://www.vb-helper.com
Iconplant is dedicated to offer world class XP and Vista icons at an affordable price. Graphics resources and downloads icons for free.
Science, R&D 
Engineering Central  http://www.engcen.com
Science & Engineering Encyclopedia http://www.diracdelta.co.uk

Data Mining

KDnuggets: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery news, software, jobs, courses, consulting, datasets, and more. http://www.kdnuggets.com
GRC Database Information, Expertise in Global Data by Graham Rhind. Most complete postal code and address resource list available on the Internet. Unique books, software, data and other resources for effective management of the international data.
Thin Films, Hardware, Software
Good collection of Optics links
Manufacturers directory http://www.kagaku.com/directory
Paratronix Inc. is a leading supplier of Parylene conformal coating services. The best coatings money can buy. http://www.paratronix.com/
Nanometrology, nanotechnology, AFM, SPM  
Microscopy Vendors Database http://www.kaker.com/mvd/vendors.html
Petr's Microscopy Resources   http://www.petr.isibrno.cz/microscopy/
SPI Supplies  Manufacturer and distributor worldwide of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies for microscopy laboratories including SEM, TEM, SPM, LM, and Confocal.  Leading supplier of HOPG for AFM calibration. http://www.2spi.com/
Academic Research and Education  
Worcester Polytechnic Institute . AFM Lab http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/Depts/Physics/AFM/
Stony Brook University, NY, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Characterization Lab by Prof. Dr. Jim Quinn.  http://www.matscieng.sunysb.edu
Queen Mary University of London, Surface Science, Surface chemistry research by Dr Roger M. Nix.
McMaster University, Canada 
Department of Chemistry, Peter Kruse site.
Medical imaging research for optimizing image quality in multi-slice computed tomography for medical purposes. Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) research. Mammography (NCCPM) research and related resources. Page by Dr. Stuart Meeson, Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford. http://www.meeson.com/
Forensic Sciences  
Latent-prints is for the sharing of articles, ideas, and discussion regarding the impression evidence sciences.  http://www.latent-prints.com/


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