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  Volume4D PRO  
  Volume Graphics Solutions and Components for medical sciences.
Volume4D software provides advanced computer graphics for CT scan, MRI and other medical imaging. The software allows you to inspect 4D voxel data (image stack) as photorealistic multiple iso-surfaces. The software implements interactive measurement tools, specific voxel counters, area measuring, object segmentation and much more. Computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic resonance images (MRI) are supported. Texture based direct volume visualization module is implemented as additional enhancement feature.

The software is available as end user solution and component for developers.

3D Gallery
-4D image stack to 3D surface constructor, isosurfacing
-OpenGL based fast real-time surface rendering
-Texture based direct volume renderer
-Multiple layer 3D surfaces, isosurfaces
-Mouse drag controlled all angle rotations, zoom and pan
-Zoom, XYZ coordinate zoom
-Measuring tools: distance, area, volume
-Range of interest (ROI) selection tool, for zooming
-Flexible output JPG, BMP, AVI, (wrl, obj, 3ds, dxf  under development)
-Coloring with user palettes
-Light control
-Multiple 3D labels
-Contour plots
-Source examples (SDK) C#, C++, VB, .NET
-Custom formats support
-True 3D XYZ axis with auto rotation
-Slicing and dicing with interactive tools
-Interactive 3D markers
-Surface and volume blending support
-True RGBA semitransparency palettes
-Object segmentation and selection tools
-Stereo screen graphics support, true stereo markers (new)
-AVI output ::AVI videos>
-Components for VC++, .NET, VB programming environments, easy to use true high level programming components
Volume programing guide>

Computed tomography imaging (CT Scan, CAT Scan)  
4D volume visualization  
4D ultrasound skin scanner  
Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM)  
Fluorescence confocal microscopy (FCM)  
Magnetic resonance research, MRI image stack processing and visualization  
Biological science imaging  

3D/4D volume programing guide (C++, C#, VB, etc.)
AVI videos        
Volume measuring tools, pdf

4D volume visualization info, pdf
4D volume demo Stereo Help

Visualization is the Art of Science
Multiple objects for MRI and CT data
Measurements with interactive 3D tools
Quick solutions, more productivity for developers
New vision and more ideas for scientists
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