Open  Get new file
In this version file must be bmp for more input filters and updates contact your distributor
Save 3D pic to File Save 3D picture as BMP or JPG depending to extension you provide in dialog box
Save 2D pic to File Save 2D image as BMP or JPG file
Save Movie (AVI)  Save AVI, or sequence of the files (animation)  Brings Dialogue for AVI options 
Print All  Print context of 3D, Cut View (if active), and Fit (if active)
Print 3D Print context of 3D window
Exit  Quit the program
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3D to clipboard Copy 3D window context to clipboard (you can paste it in image processors later)
Data -
Smooth 3D  Smooth 3D surface. Aimed for better visualization 
Undo smooth 3D  Undo previous operation
Interpolate Increase density of the points x2 in both x and y direction. We recommend this function for low-density data (less than 256x256 points)
Affects both 2D and 3D plots
Filter Z Brings Z filter dialogue
Undo Undo last surface processing function
View -
Scrolls Toggle scrolls On/Off  within 3D window (useful to navigate on zoomed 3D surface)
Z color scale  slicers on/off
X-axis (arrow) Orientation arrow  indicating X direction at low Y edge
2D cut view   
- -
Options -
Palette/Axis... Palettes and Axis options dialogue (see Option Dialogue in this manual)
3D Colors toggle colors On/Off on surface 
Contour toggle contour line on/off
Reflection toggle specular reflection on/off
Data compress  recommended for high resolution surface profile data
Provides faster animation
Affects only 3D plot
Fast render Toggle On/Off specially developed fast surface calculation algorithm
Recommended for 512x512 and higher size surfaces
Note Fast calculation is somewhat less accurate than in Normal render mode (Fast OFF)
Cut Plane Options Brings form for setting the Opacity (visibility) of the cut planes. This setting is preserved for futher use. 
Axis -
Axis visible toggle axis on/off
Second axis toggle second axis on/off
Grid toggle grid on/off
Show captions toggle captions on/off
Font size axis font size up/down
Captions insert some custom caption dialogue
- -
 Zoom +  general 3D zoom up (all sizes X,Y and X proportionally)
 Zoom general 3D zoom down (all sizes)
 Y Zoom + Y axis zoom up 
 Y Zoom Y axis zoom down
 Z zoom+  vertical zoom up (zoom Z size up)
 Z zoom - vertical zoom down (zoom Z size down)
 Z flat vertical zoom down (make Z zoom equal 0.1, which gives surface "Flat Look")
- -

Tools -
XY cut planes toggle cut planes on/off
Z cut plane toggle Z cut plane on/off
XYZ read out toggle XYZ position read out on/off
Position read out is achieved by mouse moved over the surface, numbers
are displayed at the status bar
Cut Tool toggle 2 pin Arbitrary direction Cut Tool  ON/OFF
Box toggle Area select Open Box tool on/off
Volume toggle Volume Tool on/off

Note: See  Interactive 3D Objects  page of this manual for detail on advanced measurements with 3D Tools.

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